Due to the very wide experience (good but also less good) it was decided to set up our own training institute, as after all it turned out and proved that the norms and values ​​and quality and quantity / productivity in West Europe go to a different level as for example in Central, Eastern and Southern Europe, hence these sometimes specific subject-related knowledge and skills and “tips & tricks” from Western Europe are more demanding than elsewhere. A phenomenon that we specifically want to name is the masonry / brick masonry / façade masonry as in some countries in Western Europe it’s quite nuance, but something that in most (other) countries is totally not nuance, on the contrary. It then becomes difficult and almost impossible to recruit skilled craftsmen elsewhere.

Because of this conclusion “the first stone has been laid” and “the foundation has been established” of our schooling / training, after all there is already a shortage of specific professionals, and it will become more and more and probably even in the short term. VANACO BV responds to this and educates practitioners to become acceptable and productive professionals who, under somewhat less intensive supervision, are functioning well, specifically for those countries where this discipline is very common.

The training is accompanied by a training in basic language skills, and safety is also of paramount importance. After all, these last two elements have also caused a great deal of negativity and then the lack of (sufficient) knowledge of them.

The program varies in length / duration and is entirely dependent on the prior knowledge of the students, but also their motivation, commitment and inquisitiveness. After the training, VANACO BV continues to offer aftercare.

Derivatives of the specific masonry are gluing of all kinds of stones / blocks / materials, gluing of elements with a small crane, gluing brick slips, and so on, even specific masonry training has been provided by VANACO BV, such as “dunbed”, and do not forget joining and pointering, much attention is also paid to this.

Expansions in terms of training are in full swing, including stone strips, tiling, installing air ducts =  vent holes = air channels, installing solar panels, installers, plumbers.

We would like to contact you for specific training courses in order to realize this via a certain form of cooperation.

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