The general conclusion is that nowadays it is extremely difficult – for example in the construction and industry branches – to find the required qualified specialists, especially when we talk about temporally (big) projects. But VANACO BV can offer you tailor made solutions.

Before every project our specialist will study your planning, drawings, proposals and/or ideas; based on this we will present our proposal. Your request will be answered within several days. With your agreement to our proposal we will raise a contract detailing all aspects and requirements of the project.

The completion of the contracted project will be under continuous supervision of our competent local project leaders – depending on the type of project though -, who guarantee a perfect and optimal communication between you and our executing business partners. The actual execution will be done by employees of our partners (contractors) out of the newest EU Member countries or by employees employed by acknowledged and known agencies. They employ the skilled craftsmen who will operate in teams. In every team there will be at least one team leader who speaks English or German.

Our project leaders will be onsite daily and will make daily, weekly reports to quickly highlight eventual problems or better still, detect such problems at an early stage so they can be prevented.. In the case where a problem does occur, this will be quickly solved to insure the minimum loss of time. Costs attached to these solutions are ours.

Because you will meet our project leaders regularly extra work or sudden additions can be discussed and agreed on within minutes. Proclamations, ordering materials etc, all is possible in this project management construction.

During working hour’s  our project leaders will be available on mobile phones and will operate as the intermediate between you, us and our partners.

We will participate in the project meetings, toolbox meetings, safety meetings and provide you with reports to insure optimal communication.

All obligatory social, fiscal, contractual and administrative disciplines will be taken care of by us in our offices in Maastricht NL.

We make sure that both before and during a project all obligatory documentation required for legal international employment are.

In fact we’ll do all necessary for clients, subcontractors and suppliers and their employees to deliver the project accurate, in time and as upfront agreed on.

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