VANACO BV finds new projects for her foreign partners but then – for them – in Western Europe, we guide and advise our partners on all aspects of correct, legal international employment before, as well as all project related issues, during and after the projects.

Our projects are normally big, very detailed technical projects. Because VANACO BV takes over all responsible for the quality of the work, we will make good, accomplishable agreements with our partners. You will work closely with our local project leaders who will be on site daily. Together with the project leaders you will guide your employees intensively concerning their skills and working attitude. The project leader will agree with you the best implementation of your qualified employees. Because of this method the quality will be in accordance with the demands of our clients.

The project leaders together with your coordinators will produce daily and weekly rapports. Important aspects of these reports will include the achieved productivity and evaluate the professional quality and quantity of the respective teams. These rapports will presented to you frequently, so you will have first hand information about your employees so that you can take any appropriate measurements to guarantee a perfect project planning and on time delivery.

In the case of (contracted) extra work, our project leader will agree the additional requirements and costs with the client and discuss this with you. This will insure that all parties involved, the client, you and us, achieve the most efficient solution possible.

The project leader also will keep a keen eye on the on timely delivery of materials, tools and other necessary equipment. Also he will check the presence of safe working tools and equipment and he will organize a safe working environment.

The project leaders will always be available during office hours via mobile telephone and they are the intermediate between you and our clients.

We also work closely with “trouble shooters” these are local craftsmen (Dutch, Germany, Belgium) who can be called on to quickly tackle any small errors, within two working days or even faster. Also if for any reason the project comes under pressure for a timely completion, we can call on these relations to help. Delays caused by small errors in the final phase can in this way be avoided.

We will participate in the project meetings, toolbox meetings, safety meetings and provide you with reports to insure optimal communication.

Most of the time there are new projects available before your present contracted work is complete. As usual you will receive the plans, drawings, proposals and/or ideas already upfront, so you can study the project before contracting.

In addition to professional building coordination we also offer you consultancy in the area of  obligatory social, fiscal, contractual and administrative requirements; housing, transport, tools, equipment, mobile phone cards, tank cards, VAT, insurances, production norms, west European working methods and systems….

This next to:

-Guidance in terms of housing, transport, tools, safety equipment, means of communication, communication, insurance, contracts, obligations and local reports, procedures of any kind  anything further to come up to the projects (as stated above).

-Guidance on projects, in particular on the technical guidance, including guidance on the performers.

-As well as being schooling-training partner: Training, schooling, retraining, technical terminology guide.

-Consultancy and advice in the broadest sense to deliver the projects (as stated above). 

In fact we’ll do all necessary for clients, subcontractors and suppliers and their employees to deliver the project accurate, in time and as upfront agreed on.

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